Online copies of our publications that are stored in our cloud drive can be accessed by clicking on their images given below.  For subscribing the paid versions of the publications, please contact us via mail, phone or contact form.

Prathidina Veda Padana Sahai*  : Daily Bible Study notes in Malayalam based on a theme or a book from the Bible. Veda Padana Sahai is published once in every four months.

Prathidina Vedapadana Sahai | Jul 18 - Oct 18 (paid version)
Prathidina Vedapadana Sahai | Mar 18 - June 18
Prathidina Vedapadana Sahai | Nov 17 - Feb 18
Prathidina Vedapadana Sahai | Jul 17 - Oct 17
Prathidina Vedapadana Sahai | Mar 17 - Jun 17

Every Day with the Word*  : Daily Bible Study notes in English based on a theme or a book from the Bible. Every Day with the Word is published once in every four months.

EVERY DAY with the WORD | Jul 18 - Oct 18 ( Paid Version )
EVERY DAY   with the    WORD  | Mar 18 - June 18
EVERY DAY   with the   WORD | Nov 17 - Feb 18
EVERY DAY     with the    WORD | Jul 17 - Oct 17

Parish Ministry : Articles of various programs conducted by the Centre and the summary of the project work done by the participants of various courses offered by Centre.

Parish Ministry Feb 2017
Parish Ministry Feb 2018
Parish Ministry Feb 2018

Prathidina Veda Padana Sahai is not a translation of Every Day with the Word and vice versa. Bible notes prepared for these books by individual experts are reviewed by a panel during special workshops set up for this very own purpose.