A discussion on Indian Secularism : Challenges and Responses, the study theme identified for Mar Thoma Sabha Mandalam 2024 was conducted on 31 May 2024 at TMAM Research and Orientation Centre. The participants were Very. Rev. K. S. Mathew, Rev. Dr. John Philip A., Rev. John Philip P., Rev. Sajeev Thomas, Rev. Sajeev Varghese Koshy, Rev. Shiby Varghese, Rev. Dr. V. S. Varghese, Rev. Dr. V. M. Mathew, Rev. Shibu Kurien, Rev. Blysu Varghese, Rev. Vipin Kuruvilla Rev. Rency Thomas George,Rev. Bobby Mathew, Dr. Varghese George, Mr. Reni K. Jacob and Mr. Shaji George.

Outline of the discussion is found against the following links.

1. Indian Secularism : Challenges and Responses | An Introduction
2. Contributions of Mar Thoma Church ( Revised )