Current Affairs Forum comprises of a group of professionals who are eager to understand important things happening around them; do a critical thinking and make informed or learned  decisions.

All are welcome to take part and contribute in such discussions.

Topics Discussed

  • Government Restrictions on our Food Habits led by Rev. Dr. Mothy Varkey
  • Cyber Crime & Safety | Internet Use & Misuse led by  Mr. Arun P.V., a cyber safety specialist
  • Tropical Cyclones and Ockhi led by Mr. Salil Rawji
  • Open Dissent or Submissive Silence Apt for Institutional Integrity led by Adv. Annmol Chacko
    • This discussion is on the basis of the recent press conference held by 4 Senior Supreme Court Justices dissenting against the Chief Justice of  India.
  • Samyojana Krishi led by Mr. Lalu John Vakathanam
  • How to Handle Domestic Waste led by Mr. Christopher M.
  • Plastic and Water Pollution by Dr Jacob George
  • Human Rights and Values of Reformation by Rev. Y T VinayRaj
  • Future of Democracy by Rev Sajeev Thomas
  • Political Theology by Rev. Dr. Y. T. Vinayaraj 
  • Citizenship Amendment Bill – Sociopolitical Consequences by Dr. Mathew Joseph C, Associate Professor, Academy of International Studies, Jamia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi