The Clergy Continuing Education Programme was conducted at TMAM Research and Orientation Centre from July 31 – August 4, 2023. 40 clergies appointed by Diocesan bishops from various Diocese of Kerala participated. 

The Principal, Mar Thoma Theological Seminary, Kottayam, Rev. Dr. V. S. Varghese inaugurated the programme. 

This year’s study topic was ‘The Pastoral ministry in the Context of Migration’. Prof. Dr. S. Irudaya Rajan (Chairman International Institute of Migration and Development, Kerala) conducted the main classes.

 Rev. Varghese, Rev. Dr. Mothy Varkey, Rev. John Philip P., Rev.Sam Koshy T. led classes on various aspects of migration and Rev. Sajeev V. Koshy, Rev.Dr. V. M.Mathew, Rev. Dr. Susheel C. Cherian led the Bible studies. 

Rev. Mathew Philip, Rev. Dr. Varghese K. Abraham, Rev. Sajeev Thomas, Rev. K. P. Sabu, Rev. Jolly Thomas and Rev. Oommen V. Varkey conducted the classes about the various church ministry areas and the challenges of pastoral ministry. 

Rev. Sabu Isaac conducted class on the Constitution of the Mar Thoma Church and Adv. James Mathan led classes on common laws.

Mr. Varghese K. George (Resident Editor, The Hindu, New Delhi) led Current Affairs Forum meeting on the topic Unity, Diversity and Uniformity. 

Rev. Oommen K. Jacob and Rev. Liju Alex Varghese led the singing session. 

Vicar General Very. Rev. Mathew John led the Holy Qurbana and gave the closing message. 

TMAM Research and Orientation Centre Director, Rev. Bobby Mathew served as the program coordinator.

The study classes helped to find ways to put into practice innovative ways of pastoral ministry by assessing the challenges and opportunities posed by migration.

Feedback from Rev. Kiran Samuel

Overall, the conference proved to be a valuable and enriching experience for all involved. 

The key highlights and outcomes of the event are as follows:

1. Theme and Objectives:

   – The conference focused on the theme of “[Pastoral Ministry in the context of Migration],” aiming to explore relevant issues in the contemporary context of Migration & Ministry among Migrants, Diversified Ministry (Ministry among Transgender) and to  encourage collaborative solutions.

   – Objectives included fostering dialogue, contemplating ways to reach immigrant youths, migrants, Diversified Ministry and strengthening the clergy’s role in  these issues.

2. Keynote and Plenary Sessions:

   – Distinguished speakers like Dr. S. Irudaya Rajan  delivered engaging keynote addresses on Theories of Migration and Socio-economic impacts of Migration.

   – Interactive plenary sessions allowed participants to exchange ideas, ask questions, and discuss challenges and opportunities faced by clergy in the modern world.

   – The conference featured a wide range of topics such as  Bible Studies from various perspectives, Diversified Ministry, understanding undercurrents of the society , parish concerns, constitution, pain and palliative care, youth ministry, and contemplating our individual ministry.

3. Networking and Collaboration:

   – Participants had ample time for informal networking, where they could build relationships, exchange contact information, and explore potential collaboration opportunities.

4. Continuing Education and Development:

   – The conference participants were provided access to well equipped library, post-event resources and access to an online platform aimed at fostering continued learning and collaboration beyond the conference.

5. Food and Accommodation:

The participants were provided comfortable rooms equipped with WiFi. The food was delicious and diverse which cherished the fellowship & the spirit of the conference. 

6. Conclusion:

In conclusion, the clergy conference proved to be a successful endeavour, offering invaluable insights, networking opportunities, and practical resources for the participating clergy members. The event fostered a sense of unity and empowerment among attendees and left a lasting impact on their professional and personal lives. 

The endeavours of Rev. Bobby Mathew and the staff were commendable. God bless.

Feedback from Rev. Benu John. Puthuval MTC

My perspective about August 20 23 CCEP –
The conference was a refresh learning experience for me. It was my 25th anniversary of my ordination yet i was happy to be back as a student for a week. I would call our week long focus on migration studies as a ‘rainbow experience’. This theme was explored as a team through all its dimensions. And the best aspect was there was a meaningful dialogue and interactions after session. For our small group of clergy it was also a time to refresh, recollect our collective memories and share life together as a family. Thanks to the TMAM who made it possible.

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